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To prevent this kind of exposure happen, easyJet formulates and executes strict privacy policy and adopts SSL version 3, encrypting customer to protect customer information. Easyjet,The government has made easyjet the tax collector, [Online] http: If the new routes are operated well with lots of numbers of passengers and minimizing Strategy easyjet essay example of delays times, Easyjet can consider opening more new routes across Europe.

Strategy and competitive advantages of Easyjet 05191 - Essay Example

Using the internet say, email, to communicate efficiently reduces the cost of communication. Corporate culture easyJet favours an informal company culture with a very flat management structure, fewer hierarchical levels and symbols within the business, which eliminates unnecessary and wasteful layers of management.

Reference Books Capon, C. As the relatively important role of easyJet to the other easyGroup members, the cash flow analysis of easyJet was given more complete appreciation. The strong and more powerful competitors eliminate the possibility of fast developing.

The company also offers online check-in system for baggage with codes and buying tickets which is pretty convenient to customers Azureholidays, The airports in other European cities such as Milan, Paris will cost a little more for these fees Easyjet, Feasibility It is achievable as Easyjet has been the second biggest airline around Europe so that passengers may choose because of its good reputation Pender, L.

In principle, it will be useful to study the properties of this company as well as the contemporary situation on the European market of plane transporting. Customers prefer to low-cost tickets and convenient online system.

Business Strategy for Easyjet

Thus easyJet chose to fill in the offpeak periods by discounting. It was also named Best European Low Cost Airline in the Skytrax passenger survey -the largest independent survey of its kind in the world. The owner has very important rights: Also, post, telephone or fax further details can easily be found on its website.

Cranfield School of Management, The online booking system allows instant delivery of products, the tickets, sold by easyJet to its purchasers. Thus its SCA enable easyJet to continue leading in cost structure.

Business Strategy for Easyjet

Telegraph,Election Sometimes longer flights without frills might be hard to implement successfully like no food service Fifield, Growth Share Matrix of easyGroup To construct the Growth Share Matrix for the easyGroup, on the basis of market growth rate and relative market share, the group members need to be defined respectively as certain industry and market they are belong to.

Feasibility It is achievable as Easyjet has been the second biggest airline around Europe so that passengers may choose because of its good reputation Pender, L.

Market share is high in UK with 27 franchises. An enhanced version of its fast boarding service attracts more customers Travel Trade Gazette, Thus, it helps Easyjet to consolidate its UK largest airline. It is appropriate for easyjet to operate 70 new routes in Easyjet, Consequently, it is Star in the UK market.

The strategic analysis of EasyJet and Easy Group Essay Sample

The company will develop its people and establish lasting relationships with its suppliers. Customer loyalty is necessary so that easyjet must keep a regular check on prices all the time Mayer, It is not only negative to financial condition but also to reputation.

Monitoring Plan In order to operate these new routes better, the company is able to monitor the routes carefully. Safe flights Usage of new aircrafts not only allows the high utilization but helps to built up a reputation of a safe and in-expensive airline, therefore it has added value to its service.Strategy EasyJet has adopted its business model from Southwest Airlines from the United states.

It is adapted to the European market trough further cost-cutting measures. GLOBAL HOTEL INDUSTRY STRATEGY AND LOCATION DETERMINANTS The Porter’s Five Forces analysis and the assessment of the general environment of the Indian hotel industry suggest that opportunities clearly outweigh threats in.

Strategy position and selected strategy 8 Conclusion 11 Appendices 12 Reference 15 1. Introduction Easyjet Airline Company is a British airline headquartered at London Luton Airport which operating domestic and international scheduled services on routes between European, North African, and West Asian airports (Theairdb.

Success criteria for EasyJet’s cost-leadership strategy There are three apt criteria to test the effectiveness of a company’s strategic excellence. These are suitability, acceptability and feasibility (Johnson et al, p).

The strategic analysis of EasyJet and Easy Group Essay Sample

business strategy Essay example Introduction EasyJet, a well-known the Best Low Cost airline company which travel thought out the whole European, using the “no frills” strategy since they are launched in and has continually focused on growth.

Can’t imagine your life without planes? Then this sample essay is just for you! The person of company’s owners is a significant factor in the company’s activity and success.

Strategy easyjet essay example
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