Political science 2012 upsc mains 2

UPSC Mains Political Science Optional Syllabus - (Paper I & Paper II)

I made newspaper, magazines and internet the foundation of my gs preparation. Evolution of the International Economic System: I solved it partially in 4 ways: Idealist, Realist, Marxist, Functionalist and Systems theory.

Nothing except I bought a Hindi newspaper on the day of exam and read it. The best part about my optionals was that there were so many topics common in both and gs so reading one topic from any one place and analyzing it from various perspectives prepared me for all three of them.

Theories of the state: Politics of Representation and Participation: Indian Government and politics Indian Nationalism: Comment on the possibility of environmental peace-keeping and collaborative arrangements being worked out with Pakistan on this aspects.

Topics 4 to 11 4.

(Download) UPSC IAS Mains 2012 : Political Science - Question Paper - 2

Does the perspective of Dependencies Theory offer a robust critique on the nature of mainstream development process taking place in Africa and Latin America?

Changing perceptions and policy. Second mock was a lot better and I got very good feedback. It comprises of two papers each of marks.

Political Science and International Relations Syllabus

Meaning and theories; different kinds of rights; concept of Human Rights. What are the political and environmental contexts of the Siachen Glacier conflict? Critically examine Green Revolution as a strategy for sustainable agriculture development.

Salient Features of the Indian Constitution: Liberal, Socialist and Marxist; Radical humanist and Dalit. I think this is the only exam in India that gives value to the examinee as a person. India and the Global South: Topics 1 to 3 1. Idealist, Realist, Marxist, Functionalist and Systems theory 6.

South Asia as a Free Trade Area. Making of the Indian Constitution: India and the World 1. State in comparative perspective: Read the book given by vaji people.

Issues of debate in contemporary democratic theory. India and the Nuclear Question: Did they ask any uncomfortable question from your profile during the interview?

Political Science Syllabus for Main Examination

Nehruvian and Gandhian perspectives; role of planning and public sector; Green Revolution, land reforms and agrarian relations; liberalilzation and economic reforms.

Theories of the state: If you are going for sociology I would advise you to develop a sociological viewpoint. Caste, Religion and Ethnicity in Indian Politics.

Perspectives on Indian National Movement: However my focus was that I should not leave any topic in the syllabus unread.

State in comparative perspective: India and the Global Centres of Power:Latest UPSC Political Science and International Relations Syllabus for UPSC/IAS Mains Exam updated as per current Civil Services Exam Notification.

(Download) UPSC IAS Mains Political Science - Question Paper - 2 (Download) UPSC Mains Political Science Question Paper - II.

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Nov 21,  · Political Science Optional for UPSC - Political Theory - A.1 - Part 1 and a very rapid and detailed Crash Course for Prelims & Mains. Political Science Lecture 1 (UPSC, NTA UGC.

Political science 2012 upsc mains 2
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