Follow traffic rules avoid accidents

At the bus stand, always follow the queue. Traffic Flow - Interstate highways remain the safest roads because their flow of traffic is in one direction. Just cover the wound with clean cloth and tie a pressure bandage quickly.

Driver B is wrong, but because driver B is still a littlebit in front of driver A, Thai interpretation might put some responsibility on driver A. But it can get irritating if you have to drive a few kilometers before you can change direction. Please be aware of the following when driving an automobile.

Speed limit The higher the speed of a vehicle, the more difficult collision avoidance becomes and the greater the damage if a collision does occur.

This video by the Chiang Mai municipal government can give you some ideas of how traffic accidents happen in Thailand. For example, at intersections without traffic lights typically you can observe that normal traffic rules don't apply: Your steering enables you to go around road obstacles and avoid potential accidents.

Avoid drugs and alcohol while mixing in traffic. Guardrailsmedian barriersor other physical objects can help reduce the consequences of a collision or minimize damage. They are criminal offenses, and there are laws in place to address these violent crimes.

Similarly, the use of side mirrors helps you keep an eye on the road behind you. Components of the helmet and their roles The Shell: Parents must also ensure that the right attitude for a law abiding citizen is imparted to their children by the family.

What Causes Car Accidents?

In stark contrast to that, Western people tend to be more strict and rely on rules while insisting on their individual rights, so here are some fundamental differences which clearly play out even in traffic situations. At the signal lights, cross only on a clear green signal. If you are using a public pay phone, firmly press the red emergency button.

Their carefree smiles immersed in their own world. If your license lapses, you are no longer licensed or able to drive an automobile.

Follow traffic rules to avoid accidents, says RV Karnan

I've been working with Thai workers for years, even when fixing a leaking water pipe workers prefer to go the quick-and-dirty way taping things away or 'solving' it with lots of silicon, which does the job for a few months, but you know it's not going to last. Most of these crashes also involved a human factor.

In the early s, British Leyland started an intensive programme of vehicle safety research, producing a number of prototype experimental safety vehicles demonstrating various innovations for occupant and pedestrian protection such as air bagsanti-lock brakesimpact-absorbing side-panels, front and rear head restraints, run-flat tires, smooth and deformable front-ends, impact-absorbing bumpers, and retractable headlamps.

Traffic rules in Thailand and how to avoid traffic accidents

Also, it's much harder to stop properly when you're in a leaned position in case you encounter another vehicle as your gravitational point is not straight above your tires, then stopping abrubtly will lead to slipping.

Driving When Tired or Under Influence Make sure that you do not drive under the influence of a drug or medication. Driver B is wrong to overtake driver A when driver A is clearly signalling to be on the verge of making the turn.

Nearly all drivers who had been in a crash did not believe themselves to be at fault. Thailand has for many years in a row ranked amongst the top countries of having traffic accidents in the world, especially for motorcyle accidents, according to studies from the WHO.

‘Follow simple rules to avoid accidents’

Don't wait too long to take action on your signalling to others. Try to stop slowly, so the traffic behind you can notice. A double white or yellow line means that neither side may overtake. In some cases they are a joke, I recently went to renew my driving license and the only test I had to do was to tell the staff the colours of alternating traffic lights!

This collective implicit understanding in Thai traffic actually made me fail my Hong Kong motorcycle driving test, because I picked up this Thai habit of stopping or moving very slowly when the traffic situation appears unclear, while in international context you are supposed to rely on other drivers acting according to the rules and keep your speed.

Countries and driving cultures vary greatly as to the extent to which this is respected.Ride Guide for fun and safety – (May ) Motorcycle (Group) Ride Rules/Observances Group motorcycle riding is a great experience when.

WORKER SAFETY SERIES WAREHOUSING 11 Hazards & Solutions Warehouse operations can present a wide variety of potential hazards for the worker. For warehousing establishments, the. Cyberabad Traffic DCP Avinash Mohanty is among those few traffic police officers who spend close to three to five hours a day on roads as part of their duty.

‘Follow simple rules to avoid. 1. Basic Rules. Aichi has a high accident rate, and there are many cases of foreigners as victims as well as offenders.

You should follow the basic traffic rules below, in order to avoid getting in accidents.

International Civil Defence Organisation

Decreasing Risk of Crashes. Traffic Safety Facts Bicyclists and Other Cyclists, (PDF, KB). There are two main types of crashes: the most common (falls), and the most serious (the ones with cars). Before you or your friends hit the open road on your next ride, follow these important motorcycle safety tips to help protect yourself and other drivers.

Follow traffic rules avoid accidents
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