Education is more important than industrialization in rural area

The sustainable agriculture paradigm has emerged to address the problems created by the industrial model, primarily pollution of the natural environment and degradation of the natural resource base. Even the smallest maintenance call becomes a full-day job and a km drive.

Urban growth a boon for Africa’s industrialization

Good roads and access to airports will be important. Money, jobs, and technology can and will move freely to anywhere on the globe where they can be used to the greatest advantage. Industries are "downsizing" and "outsourcing" -- laying off workers by the thousands.

Geoff Johnson: B.C.’s rural-urban divide is doing students no favours

Rural communities need positive development strategies of their own — strategies that will create economic opportunity without degrading either the land or the people.

The propensity to consume it will be high the state and central government spend so much on urban development and industries in the rural area because it citizen needs all those things for a better line hood.

A national initiative to bring twenty-first century communications systems to rural communities may be more important to rural areas today than was the rural free mail delivery and rural electrification programs of times past. When this is combined with random and unexpected growth as well as unemployment, there is the spread of unlawful resident settlements represented by slums and squatters.

In this work, effort is made to assess the impact of industrialization in economic growth of Nigeria. Meanwhile there are some traditional industries such as pattern basket and mart weaving or marketing, dying and metal works, these industrial progress is usually show in the need area, this is because income per head is low since savings there are low, it will be difficult to accumulate capital savings or generate income when is high, marginal propensity to save is high also, government are not interested in the development of the rural area.

Neoliberal Industrialization, the Rural Periphery, and Uneven Development in India

They include all the problem-solvers, problem-identifiers, and strategic-brokers. However, the obstacle of limited local resources can be overcome by those who have a clear vision of the new realities of economic development and a firm commitment to make their community a part of the coming rural renaissance.

Accessed September 14, Like Toffler and Drucker, Reich believes that power and wealth of the future will be created by symbolic-analysis, by mind work, rather than by routine production or in-person service.

Social benefits and services There are numerous social benefits attributed to life in the cities and towns. In what once was the Soviet Union, giant communal farms are now being divided into smaller individual plots.

Electric streetcars, commuter trains, and trolleys ferried these inhabitants to and from their city jobs. Wendell Berry points out, " They see promotion of small-scale projects; such as niche markets, bed and breakfasts, and local festivals; as piecemeal, stop-gap strategies with limited long run potential for developing their community.rural life.

and the rural school. by. joseph kennedy. dean of the school of education in the university of north dakota. u. dipartimie10 of f mc/n. 7, 0,0,iii ' Principal Investigator: Raju Das (Geography) Funding: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

All countries experience geographically uneven development. But its urgency is more apparent in the context of the recent phase of industrialization.

The Economic Report on Africa calls for harnessing urban growth. By Franck Kuwonu. There has been much talk about Africa’s urban dividends—the increased prosperity and sustained socioeconomic development resulting from the expansion and industrialization of African cities.

Rural industrialization becomes all the more important in view of the fact that the percentage RURAL INDUSTRIALISATION: CHALLENGES AND PROPOSITION 25 and environmental degradation while rural industrialisation generates more.

Internal migration before and during the Industrial Revolution: the case of France and Germany

By definition, urbanization refers to the process by which rural areas become urbanized as a result of economic development and industrialization. Demographically, the term. Perhaps nothing reflects the low degree of industrialization and the paucity of impact industrialization has been making on rural development in African countries especially in the post-independence era more than the weak, or insignificant development of inter-sectoral and interregional linkages.

Education is more important than industrialization in rural area
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