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Gracie, who took on the newly created job of China editor four years ago, said women at the BBC were running out of "patience and good will" in the face of what she called a "divide and rule" approach and a continuing refusal by the corporation to admit to discriminatory policies.

My problem will be resolved by an acknowledgment that my work was of equal value to the men whom I served alongside. Gracie said she would stay with the BBC and "return to my former post in the TV newsroom where I expect to be paid equally.

Previously, the channel was broadcast in 4: And we…ah…we sell our journalism to people who translate it. The music was changed slightly while the main colour scheme became black and red, with studios using frosted glass and white and red colours.

Two-thirds of the people on that list were men. Her year-old mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. There is a simulcast of the He joked about blaming "the other TV channels that pay more.

Only two women -- the hosts Claudia Winkleman and Alex Jones -- are among the top 14 on-air earners at the British public broadcaster. A year veteran of the BBC, Gracie said in a statement on her website addressed to BBC viewers that she could no longer perform her job at a high level while battling with bosses over pay equality.

Previously GMT was shown at The channel is available in Europe and many parts of the world via satellite FTA or cable platforms. As a writer and historian Ms Haleem has authored several books in Pashto and English.

Additional music by Michael can be found at: Some stars were bracing for criticism. If you have an interest in a particular topic or comments about the show please email: Since then, people have filed pay grievances against the corporation.

This simulcast is in addition to overnight simulcasts at the top of the hour from In response to Tuesday's report, the BBC said there would be "substantial" pay reductions for some men and pay increases for some men and women.

The government required the BBC to publish its pay data as part of an effort to improve transparency. While international audiences see advertisements during the break, UK viewers see domestic headlines.

From gluten intolerances, allergies, autism, hormones and autoimmunity, the power of food as medicine will be explored and debated.

After Gordon died, Joni realized there were many lessons that they had learned that would be invaluable if shared with readers through writing and audiences through speaking. United Kingdom[ edit ] The channel is not officially available as a stand-alone, full-time channel in the United Kingdom because it carries and is funded by advertising BBC's domestic channels are funded by a television licence fee which households and establishments that want to watch television programmes as they are being broadcast must payalthough it can be easily received due to its ' free-to-air ' status on many European satellite systems, including Astra and Hot Bird and is available in selected London hotels.

REVEALED - Gary Lineker's astronomical BBC salary and the wages of other presenters and pundits

Last year, the government introduced new requirements that made reporting on gender pay gaps mandatory for all private- and public-sector companies with more than employees.

She is an award-winning financial journalist and television presenter who has been covering financial news for the past seven years. The new vibrant, hard-hitting live programme provides Pashto speakers with in-depth reporting, analysis and interviews.

It's paying its female stars a lot less. The bits about Zoffany were some of the best BBC television I've seen this year while Emma's bits were just the usual, run-of-the-mill BBC social justice warrior stuff. However, he said that the corporation did not discriminate based on gender and that there were differences in "scope and the scale" between jobs such as China editor and North America editor.

On 8 December a second makeover, using the same 'drums and beeps' style music but new graphics took place, although on a much smaller scale to that of But when she was in discussions about the China job inshe demanded pay parity.

BBC Pashto

Several years later, Joni suffered yet another cancer blow. During that time Sally covered many momentous events, including G7 conferences, historic EU Summits and more recently the aftermath of September 11 and its effects on the financial markets and private investors.

She said she was not seeking more money for herself, but only demanding that the BBC observe British law requiring equal pay for equal work.

In MayQaradawi issued a fatwa permitting the building of churches in Muslim countries. This simulcast is in addition to overnight simulcasts at the top of the hour from Gracie said she learned that two of the BBC's four international editors - both men - made at least 50 percent more than their two female counterparts.

That he genuinely believe there should be more black and brown faces on the BBC.An ongoing gender pay dispute at the BBC provides a case study in gender-based identity politics, showing how it serves as a springboard for the most affluent sections of the upper middle class.

BBC One and BBC Two. Many of the presenters below also work on other BBC News output, and some also work in other parts of the BBC. Other BBC News presenters also provide relief presentation on programmes broadcast on these channels. Six of the BBC's leading male presenters have agreed to take pay cuts after revelations over equal salaries.

The BBC said Huw Edwards, Nicky Campbell, John Humphrys, Jon. She later discovered that the BBC's North America editor, Jon Sopel, was making between (about R million) and pounds (about R million) and the Middle East. Tanya joined the BBC in June A regular business presenter on the BBC anchoring a variety of news and business programmes including Business Breakfast, Breakfast News, Working Lunch and most recently, World Business Report.

BBC World News America is a British/American current affairs news program produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)'s BBC News division, which premiered on October 1,

Bbc middle east business report presenters
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