A discussion on the factors that have a negative impact on the fetus

Br J Obstet Gynaecol While biology, behavior, and environmental categories are useful for organizing our discussion, it is important to understand that healthy development is not the product of single, isolated influences or even types of influences.

This is a sweetener made from corn-starch and for those who consume it excessively, there are increased risks of obesity and metabolic disorders.

I Impact of symptoms of depression and anxiety.


A recent review concluded that neural tube defects and small-for-gestational-age births are moderately associated with contaminated drinking water i. These include angiotensin converting enzyme ACE inhibitors, such as Zestril and Prinivil alcohol androgens, such as methyltestosterone Android busulfan Myleran.

For example, sometimes an alteration in the gene i.

Pregnancy and Teratogens

Researchers assessed for inclusion all titles and abstracts without language limitations in English and Persian language during the 20 years ago. Asbestos, used extensively in schools until the s, was still present in more than 8, schools inpotentially exposing over 3 million students U.

Talk to a trusted friend, call the authorities, and figure out your options for getting to a safer, happier, healthier, environment for the sake of both you and your baby. Understanding the biological pathway of the disease and its interactions with other biological processes facilitates treatment options by modifying the causal path.

Use of tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs also have harmful effects. The built environment affects the ways in which children are differentially exposed to some of these influences.

Violence towards pregnant women can lead to early contractions, spontaneous abortion, and low birth weight. Therefore, the extent to which infants evoke sympathetic and empathetic emotions in others and eventually develop these emotional expressions themselves greatly influences their subsequent health.

The maternal blood type B regarding need for exchange transfusion was not confirmed as an independent risk factor after applying the multivariate model. Ericsson et al also observed that boys tended to be longer and have larger head circumferences at birth for any placental weight.

A Review of the Effects of Anxiety During Pregnancy on Children’s Health

The resulting behaviors are both manifestations of their health and have significant implications for it. Currently many of these predisease markers are either below current limits of detection or produce changes that are not currently measured on a routine basis Lucas et al.

As far as a range of emotions goes, pregnancy is like the roller coaster of the feelings world. Because it is likely that events occurring at other times modify prior influences, there is a growing interest in understanding the predisease pathways and biological changes that occur prior to the recognition of a vast array of clinical outcomes.

Fasting glucose is one aspect of maternal metabolic status whose effect on placental weight was sex specific in our study. Even within a childhood stage, health influences can act in very different ways because of the differing cultural interpretations that families attach to them.

For some, the prevalence is less well known than for others. Pregnancy anxiety and prenatal cortisol trajectories. Medical effects of anxiety during pregnancy Findings show that children with anxious mothers face serious illnesses both in childhood and adulthood such as Shortness of breath, Rash; Asthma 2027Coronary disease in adulthood and Reduction of heart rate variability in children The long-term behavioural consequences of prenatal stress.

Pregnancy and Teratogens

There are also gene alterations resulting from uncommon physical environmental exposures that affect health. Discussion In the present study, we found that parity, BMI, GWG, fasting glucose at visit 3 and gestational age had positive, independent effects on placental weight.

Hobel C, Culhane J. In the multiple models fasting glucose at visit 3 was significantly associated with placental weight in females but not in males.

A study from the Birth Registry of Norway including more than 1. Perinatal programming indicates that sensitive or critical periods of development may have lifelong effects and influence the development of chronic diseases later in life Ingelfinger, Heavy metals like mercury can be found in fish.

More severe fetuses that underwent intrauterine transfusion therapy had scheduled cesarean section deliveries, which increased the rate of complications related to prematurity, such as hyaline membrane syndrome [11].

For example, 20 percent of children are extremely sensitive to thalidomide during a critical day period from day 20 to day 35 of gestation, although the gene or genes responsible for this enhanced sensitivity have not yet been identified Finnell et al.

A related problem is that few of the cited studies include data that represent the whole population of children. Behavioral Adaptations The hallmark of childhood is the constant exposure to new developmental challenges.

A single cystic fibrosis gene has been postulated to be protective against diarrheal diseases such as cholera, conferring a survival advantage to individuals who carry one copy of the gene Rodman and Zamudio, The relative impact of body burdens varies with developmental stage.

Many adolescents have jobs that may expose them to occupational hazards Pollack et al.The impact of such hazards involves the interaction of a number of factors, including the timing of the exposure, the duration of the exposure, and possible genetic vulnerabilities that may be present.

Teratogens are drugs, chemicals, or even infections that can cause abnormal fetal development. There are billions of potential teratogens, but only a few agents are proven to have teratogenic effects.

Plasticity applies to development in a way that scientists know that malnutrition can have a negative impact on a child's growth. However, even if that child receives the best nutrition possible, he or she can only grow to a certain height. • Maternal factors –Nutrition and maternal weight –Malnutrition –Physical activity and strenuous work –Brain damage in fetus, vision impairment/blindness, seizures, miscarriage, stillbirth, Prenatal Development: Environmental Influences (cont) •Maternal factors –Outside environmental hazards.

The negative impact on the fetus can include (ref6) poor growth, weak muscle tone, slow development of speech, or heart or facial malformation.

(ref4) Factors in cigarette smoke can also pass into fetal blood, causing potentially serious problems. factors that affect growth impart an indelible impression on adult To have impact on the fetus, maternal psychological functioning must be translated into physiological effects.

Three mechanisms by orders or negative emotionality at preschool age (Martin, Noyes, Wisenbaker, & Huttunen, ; O’Connor, Heron, Golding, Beveridge.

A discussion on the factors that have a negative impact on the fetus
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